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Serenity Town

     Open Mid May to Mid September. Reserve for your special event.

                                Small weddings, receptions, or reunion.

  Welcome to Serenity Town. This is where I like to hang out and envite all my friends to reflect and re-enact a few old west gunfights. Our goal is to keep the old west alive by re-enacting history, shooting movies, and sharing our knowledge with young people.

   Serenity Town is actually my personal 'man cave' so to speak, but is built behind my garage instead of in my basement. The main attraction is the Rusty Nail Saloon attached by a Pool Hall. Main Street is lined with a Bank, Barber Shop, Store and Lumber Co across the street from the saloon. Also is a jail and bunk house near the saloon.  Under construction is the Peacock House where I keep the chuck wagon I built, as well as the peacocks.


    Visit some of the locals who are members of the Montana Gunfighters Association and other members of desperado groups.  Groups like the Coulson City Gunfighters, Rocky Fork Regulators and Serenity Town Players.  We all share a same interest in the Old West, and we aim to keep it alive.

About the background

Gunfighters gather in the street of Serenity Town for a video. I thought this was a good background for my website.

Old West Tradition

   Hollywood has glorified hundreds of Old West stories; far fetching reality with unfounded ideas, but it brought the glamour and excitement in the adventures of Western films. The young people today don't have the exposure of Western movies as the older generation had, from the big screen to the numerous weekly series on TV. Most young people today have no idea who the famous big name stars were and know very little about the real Wyatt Earp, Jessie James or Wild Bill Hickock.

   The movie industry has pretty well phased out the Westerns we once knew. They have run out of ideas and stories, unless they can use excessive foul language and vulgar nudity. I always love a GOOD western, but if these two things are in the movie at an extreme, I will shut it off or leave.

   Here at Serenity Town, it is my mission to keep the Old West Tradition alive and as close to family oriented as possible.

   It saddens me to think that once my generation is gone; so will the Old West. The younger generation will be deprived of great western stories from real life events to the tall tales of Western Adventures.

   The Big Screen movies of the mid 1900's exaggerated a lot of the cowboy's attire to make it look more glorified and attractive. Original and authentic gear were not so fancy as the Roy Rogers and Gene Autry movies portrayed, but it brought to mind the fantasies of living the Old West in a more romantic way.

   This website is meant to hang onto the Old West Traditions and hopefully inspire and encourage more young people to take an interest in our American West heritage. Hope you enjoy this site and will keep coming back to it to look for more added to it. Thank you for dropping in.       Russ Bray  aka Rusty Nail  

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